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Shahnaz Husain Diamond Exfoliating Scrub

By Shahnaz Husain

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Shahnaz Husain Diamond Exfoliating Scrub

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Pack Type Glass Jar
Package Content 175 g / 6.15 oz
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Benefits, Dosage, Indications, Side Effects, Composition, Ingredients

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Exfoliating Scrub is unique complex of powerful Diamond bhasma (ash), combined with Cucumber, Rose, Walnut particles, as well as oils of Almond, Lemon and Olive. Specially made to exfoliate the skin on the face and body, it facilitates the removal of dead cells, making the skin texture appear refined, revitalized and rejuvenated. It encourages the removal of toxins and wastes, purifying the skin and leaving it looking clearer, brighter and more youthful.

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Exfoliating Scrub Usage:
Apply on body and face and rub gently for 3-5 minutes using circular movements. Wash off.